Hiya,Yes, very difficult time to get up and start trading, trading is difficult enough with out that!!! It's good to here your carrying on trading. thanks for your replay!! Good lock trading in the future!!

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Hi, I see you are a successful trader,how long have you been trading ?? and did you start from scratch with Tim challenge? I am very new to the challenge 5 mouths and had some bad losses !! i have traded in the past many years ago but unsuccessful !! any advice is welcome. kind regards phil

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Hi Oliver, thanks for your advice, it's very much appreciated. ill just have to think things over in a few days !! Good luck in your trading career mate and happy new year 2020 Phil

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$1,150 profit PTI Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this late day breakout on a multi-day winner after several days of consolidation and they're presenting at a conference in 2 days, should be nice enough reasons to keep the breakout going to the high 2s or even low 3s later today or ideally into a morning gap up tomorrow!

Exit comments: NICE solid overnight win on this breakout play/short squeeze, premarket video lesson coming on this, doesn't get much easier than this for 10% gains

Received 11 Karmas
Hong1689 Dec 04, 19 6:42 AM

I bought at 2.66 sold next Day morning at2.85 profited $152 (7%) 😊🙏🏻🌈

firstgreenday Dec 04, 19 6:59 AM

Great call Sykes, All the catalysts add up to go !! I see this now, i was dubious to traded this at breakout as my previous attempts had failed. Still learning, did take the trade overnight, Pleasantly took a winning trade

JTrades21 Dec 04, 19 10:00 AM

Great win Tim! I saw this coming to as soon as I save enough money I’m changing the game

mandrew Jan 24, 3:00 AM

Hello everyone, I’m glad to be here on Tim’s Challenge. I’m a new at this!!

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