Strong post from the past that still rings true.

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TimLento on: Nov 17, 17 4:08 PM

The Seven Rules of Trading

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larkjr Nov 17, 17 4:18 PM

Thanks for posting Tim

asfricksrs Nov 17, 17 10:49 PM

Thank you for the reminder and specific reference to losses and taking profits. It is on my wall now. Thank you for your strategy on trading, appreicate the insight.

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Torkers Oct 23, 17 6:05 PM

nice overview of the trade - learning is the most important thing and is the only way to really get better - study hard and im sure you will get better - its real hard work but thats also the only way to get good at something! GL

asfricksrs Oct 23, 17 9:32 PM

good cathartic review - I have done the same several times with larger losses - keep it forefront , GL.

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wright013 Feb 09, 10:24 PM

good info focus on chart history as an indicator thanks

JonathanIParra May 29, 11:38 PM

thanks mark , look at the bigger picture and long term chart and focus on former runners. focus on volatile plays and some will have bounces and some will not

TonyG1 Jun 16, 11:01 PM

Thank you Marky Mark

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