Entry comments: I bought this late day breakout on a multi-day winner after several days of consolidation and they're presenting at a conference in 2 days, should be nice enough reasons to keep the breakout going to the high 2s or even low 3s later today or ideally into a morning gap up tomorrow!

Exit comments: NICE solid overnight win on this breakout play/short squeeze, premarket video lesson coming on this, doesn't get much easier than this for 10% gains


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GoshdarnitTradeDec 03, 19 2:58 PM

I don’t like it. There’s a possible triple top 20 cents above. It’s already almost 4 times what it was a month and a half ago. And they released filings that say they’re trying to get two, not one, offerings. It looks like a pump. Isn’t it too late stage to buy?

Hong1689Dec 04, 19 6:42 AM

I bought at 2.66 sold next Day morning at2.85 profited $152 (7%) 😊🙏🏻🌈

firstgreendayDec 04, 19 6:59 AM

Great call Sykes, All the catalysts add up to go !! I see this now, i was dubious to traded this at breakout as my previous attempts had failed. Still learning, did take the trade overnight, Pleasantly took a winning trade

JTrades21Dec 04, 19 10:00 AM

Great win Tim! I saw this coming to as soon as I save enough money I’m changing the game

mandrewJan 24, 3:00 AM

Hello everyone, I’m glad to be here on Tim’s Challenge. I’m a new at this!!

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