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MThoms May 01, 11:31 AM

Noting to only focus on the volatile plays, if you don't have it don't force the trade, stay on the sidelines and just watch if you need to, former runners in hot sectors or good catalyst, big volume is important. Don't trade near lows, stocks that move a few cents a day is not worth playing.

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Rads73 Feb 13, 6:18 PM

Thx Tim, excellent as always

MThoms May 03, 11:15 AM

Noting that a stock should be at least average volume or ignore, watch for resistance, don't swing trade stocks at a penny especially with resistance. Start small, get experience, get some trades under your belt, take gains, learn from losses, get confident.

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Rads73 Jan 23, 7:46 AM

Thx Mark, the video is jump crazy but you can get through it.

MThoms May 08, 10:10 AM

Noting to let plays play out, focus on volatile stocks, have patience and follow your plan, and don't follow anyones alerts, ever.

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Squiggs Jan 19, 1:59 AM

Thanks again Mark. Always great looking back and seeing how spot on you are with most of your thoughts.

Karlsson Mar 05, 4:54 AM

Always stay intact with the overall market and the sectors to get a feel of what the bigger picture looks like. Make sure that you are on the right side of the momentum and that you recognize when the momentum is about to shift. Make sure that you think of both bull and bears way to get a more complex understanding of the stock that your trading. MGTI Is a very clear example of where over aggressive shorts thought that the morning dip was the momentum shift, but then got squeezed. Thanks Mark!

MThoms Apr 23, 12:29 PM

Be aggressive with very hot sectors, don't forget about the sympathy plays, look at both the short and long sides

SlipKid Apr 30, 1:46 PM

Thanks for the lesson.

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Karlsson Mar 05, 6:45 AM

Keep it simple and focus on the clean chart setup such as a breakout of a former runner and the first red day on a overextended stock. CVC. Thanks Mark!

MThoms Apr 24, 11:36 AM

Stocks in hot sectors, strong volume, great chart are great risk reward plays

SlipKid Apr 30, 2:30 PM

Focus on clean charts in Hot sectors and respect the action of the leaders!

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MrEd Dec 10, 17 1:54 AM

Thanks Mark nice lesson

Rads73 Dec 10, 17 7:41 AM

Thanks Mark enjoyed the lesson, thanks for taking the time to share .

lofloatJAM Dec 10, 17 9:20 PM

good to review and focus. do not over trade. tnx youngster

dmatin Feb 14, 10:56 PM

Damn Mark you need to do more market open webinars. That DPW trade was a gem. Really shows the potential of dip buying. One of the first live webinars I've watched and still one of my favorites.

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