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KO_Trades Jan 09, 7:26 PM

Great vid. "Sector mania doesn't come around very often, but when it does it can grow accounts exponentially." M.C.

2grasleys Jan 15, 1:29 PM

Great Lesson Mark, Thanks!!

Squiggs Jan 19, 1:59 AM

Thanks again Mark. Always great looking back and seeing how spot on you are with most of your thoughts.

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Rads73 Dec 10, 17 7:41 AM

Thanks Mark enjoyed the lesson, thanks for taking the time to share .

lofloatJAM Dec 10, 17 9:20 PM

good to review and focus. do not over trade. tnx youngster

dmatin Feb 14, 10:56 PM

Damn Mark you need to do more market open webinars. That DPW trade was a gem. Really shows the potential of dip buying. One of the first live webinars I've watched and still one of my favorites.

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