Torkers Apr 30, 17 5:54 PM

Gl ! Study hard

Fox_Trader Apr 30, 17 7:22 PM

Welcome to the College of Trading sir.

Scott_nowrealtrader Apr 30, 17 7:45 PM

At first test like a scientist then find a niche and setups that work for you and focus on that

LizLele Apr 30, 17 9:08 PM

Check out my videos if you want to feel better about yourself lol. Everything is ok as long as you keep studying! Don't give up!

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Torkers Apr 22, 17 9:55 AM

Thats the spirit - but harder to do in person unfortunatly... Keep it up and you will nail it D=

asefporl Apr 22, 17 10:09 AM

cmon man you lost that money in 1 day while it took me 3 months too lose that much, pls paper trade your you will lose much more

Fox_Trader Apr 22, 17 8:22 PM

Give you advice from my own past experience, stop real trading , get a couple of Tims DVDs How to make Millions, paper trade, watch the Market learn how it moves. Go in Trading challenge DVD order after completing the HTMM. While your starting out it will be mistake after mistake. Use a paper trading account that way it's not costing Real money. Good luck man

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