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Torkers May 07, 17 5:20 PM

Great observations - theres money to be made everywhere :)

Janielx May 07, 17 5:59 PM

Thank you! And I love the comic bubles. Question though, I was trying to paper trade just 300 stocks long on this play and I couldn't sell! When it topped into the 4s I still couldn't get out and I was using E-trade. Any advice for such a situation?

Madbash May 07, 17 6:26 PM

@Janielx Hey Jess, I did not know that Etrade offered a paper-trading platform, but they should be able to tell you why it went through. It sounds like you had the right idea, and that is what counts with paper trading. When you trade for real, be sure to use limit orders, and don't be shy about putting your order a few cents away from where you want to get filled. IE your risk level is @ 3.50, have your limit order ready @ 3.45 or 3.40. Especially on OTC stocks!

DfutureBR May 07, 17 9:27 PM

unfortunately when I was watching this on Friday I was too afraid to enter around 3.50 because I thought was very near the top :( I didn't want to chase and have the stock drop on me.

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DonTrador May 07, 17 7:48 PM

@RickRn it's totally intuitive, if some one on the ask doesn't want to hold shares he gonna sell to some one else on the bid side at the bid price= a sell= red numbers on the time&sale

RNTrader832 May 07, 17 8:48 PM

@ DonTrador , Financestudent - thank you now it's clear to me .

DfutureBR May 07, 17 9:32 PM

thanks for the great explanation DonTrador

DonTrador May 08, 17 8:18 AM

you guys are welcome! happy if it can help...

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TessaLamping Jan 10, 20 9:07 PM

I totally studied cloning back when I graduated around 2014. They are cloning in China and there are a bunch of private companies trying to clone. They are even doing stuff with twins. There's a bunch of other stuff too but that would be a long comment. LOL

Outdoorchick Feb 03, 20 9:22 PM

Court side. Thanks Tim love David Robinson.

HenryCraig Mar 07, 20 10:41 PM

Preparation + Opportunity = Success "Knowledge and self-sufficiency are critical to my success in penny stocking."

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