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DoctorHam May 24, 20 5:29 PM

Great video! Especially appreciate the commentary and triple-C (calm, cool, collective). Still learning, thx!

ArtOfWar May 26, 20 8:20 AM

@DoctorHam Thanks, gotta be comfortable within the trade. If not you need to ask why and re-evaluate your position.

Crazey_Canuck Dec 13, 20 10:33 PM

So what did you get out at nice trade Ellis Thanks Peace out

ducksgirl1531 Feb 14, 10:04 AM

The Reed/Green day that you are discussing in the video is just meaning that since the prior day close was 5.42 and it surpassed that, its now a green day. If it had not gone above 5.42 it would have been a red day? Thanks!?

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