@KNUT Hi! Just curious, are you still trading stocks?

KNUT May 18, 14 1:12 PM

Not much. Tim stop updating long term. Took my money and offer no service. It sucks ass.

Estonia May 28, 14 12:50 AM

That's odd. In his videos he is still talking about TimLongTerm and what stocks he alerted and how they did. Just today he had a webinar where he announced a sale on TimLongTerm. Looks like it's still active.

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Just for fun

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SuperMario8 on: Jan 27, 14 12:17 AM

I just wanted to post a couple of things that I think could help the Traders who are following me. From my past big loss on ELON I have learn that knowing how to buy or sell on the pre-market is very important. I personally called Interactive Brokers and TD Ameritrade so they can tell how to sell the pre-market. If I would of known how sell the pre-market I would avoided a big loss on ELON. I was long overnight on ELON, and it gapped down at the open. Lesson learned now I know how to buy and sell pre-market. For those who want to know, if you have TD Ameritrade, look at Time-in-Force when you place a trade. When you choose "EXT" that means that you can buy or sell pre-market. For those who have Interactive Brokers and use TWS you need to go to File Global Configuration => Presets => Check Mark Allow .......... Call customer service for the full details. Have a successful trading week :) P.S. For those of you who were wondering why I haven't traded this week was because I was waiting on account transfers into my TD account. I got a margin call, because of the PDT rule. All my transfers have finally gone through and I finally don't have to worry about the PDT rule. Yay....:)!!!!

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johnross Aug 27, 14 7:20 PM

Pre-market is a good way to lose money. I have done it. Nathan Michaud posted something recently saying that it is a good idea to avoid trading Pre-market. You can open an account w/IB with $5000, but it will be an IRA account & no shorting allowed.

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i used my gf's credit card to purchase tim silver..and 2weeks later she got credit card fraud.. this never happened to her before... im not gonna post anymore trades on this site, i cant trust tim sykes anymore since he doesnt verify his trades and hes alerts suck...and he have fake rolex im not gonna post anymore trades on profit ly can find me in chatroom

Estonia May 13, 14 1:36 PM

What do you mean Tim doesn't verify his trades and how do you know that his watches are fake?

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