Your uncle would be proud. What a story.

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Rid1 Apr 01, 6:21 AM


Andy779 Apr 09, 10:20 AM

Thanks Jack I'll remember that

felipesanin81 Apr 11, 12:47 PM

only ppl who have a -goal pursuing mindset- will understand what we go through and provide encouragement instead of hate. those who hate have never achieved anything in life. More props to your uncle.

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Not my biggest $ gain ever but super proud of my entries and exits on SPI. trying to get better at waiting for turns on the level 2 and just focusing purely on pattern recognition. Trading without having my profit/losses up on my screen really helps me focus on the pattern and my plan.

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Will adapt and change the amount of money I put into each trade due to how confident and high odds each one is. This is one of my key rules that helps me grow my account.

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Zooe29 Dec 27, 19 5:47 PM

Good stuff

Crawltotheend Dec 12, 20 6:38 PM

Very inspiring. Keep going on the content. Good luck in your future trades.

brycetuohey Dec 22, 20 7:54 PM

Dom, your story is one that inspires me to my very core. I never thought I would ever be a successful trader, but I am now. It's all thanks to this amazing post that I refer back to everytime I personally struggle throughout my own journey. You are a serious inspiration to fellow traders. Thank you for everything

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