Made the first youtube video as promised. Here I detail why you NEED risk management in trading and what really goes into it other than simply just cutting losses quickly. Sorry for the blurriness, I'll have to figure out how to get a clear recording for future videos and better editing. This was mainly just a test run. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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whitegold1 Oct 04, 21 1:41 PM

Hey Jack, finally found your user name. This is Stephen from instagram. my user is whitegold1 instagram is stephensworld3. trying to meet up with you for some live trades

RichardKnox Dec 11, 21 6:43 AM

For me, YouTube has also become the first place where I began to share my knowledge and skills. But now I decided to expand my capabilities and for this I needed several Instagram accounts. This source helped me in solving this issue and thanks to this I got quality accounts in a short time.

JFondren Jan 05, 22 3:41 PM

Very well versed and adding to the knowledge account Thx Jack

brandonkoy Feb 14, 23 4:55 PM

position size being comfortable with your $ size and $ risk if it goes against you, timing is huge for intraday trading

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