Received 33 Karmas
JFondren Jun 12, 22 4:35 PM

I've been in the challenge since 11/21 and like Grittani I'm a spectator and few more months I'll try my strategy but great work Mr. Moderator greatly appreciated. Blessing

didixiu Sep 05, 22 10:57 PM

Thank you Ellis!

Chris6488 Feb 01, 23 1:41 PM

Well executed trading plan with great lessons, thanks Ellis.

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@YChu just became a fully transparent trader today!

kybc1972 Jan 02, 21 11:57 AM

@MBrandt Good luck. I hope you can find some success trading. I just want to make enough money to have a better standard of living. I would like to travel more and pay off my debts.

kybc1972 Jun 04, 21 3:55 PM

Hi, I may do. I am watching Tim Lento's webinar atm.

Zack_Lee Dec 02, 21 3:59 PM

@kybc1972 hey, I think i just get you some wrong information, just to make it clear: LAND - is a piece of land in a computer game (yes it is in virtual world) the game is called Sandbox

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