@dux i started with 1000 dollars only. I considered these two companies extremely undervalued, so i currently own 50 shares of each, playing long. Would you agree with this assessment? Or consider this just speculative?

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dux May 02, 17 8:13 PM

dont try to value penny stock only do short term

YoungInvestor May 03, 17 3:34 PM

Yeah, penny stocks doesn't really work on fundamentals. More like hype, manipulation and technical analysis

ChristofferB May 05, 17 8:48 AM

1000 $ and then 10x in leverage? Most of us here are short term day traders and not fundamental traders. Most of the traders here buy and sell within minutes, hours or a few days. The only thing I could see work out here is the GPRO trade as it has some suppot at 8.20, But I might be wrong as I dont trade GPRO nor look at it charts.

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