I had over 400 trades registered here. I had my ups and downs. 2020 I began shorting and did well from day 1, over 7k in 3 months. Very consistent and profitable, until APVO squeezed half of my earnings on November. That was the beginning of my turning point in trading. I began trading less, and switching strategies since mine was not working anymore. I started looking into longing OTCs. Jan and Feb made 700 and 600 respectively, a good way to start the year, but then I shorted EYES and got squeezed, and that created a snowball effect with a couple other big losses. And all of a sudden im down 10k. That's when I decided to delete all my trades and start from scratch. No more breaking the rules. No more big losses. No more FOMO. Begin believing in myself. Take it trade by trade. Small profits add up. Follow my instinct. Set intelligent risks, and most importantly, when in doubt, get out. Hopefully Profit.ly can recover all my previous trades with comments included. That would be very helpful.

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StockDiver Aug 02, 5:32 PM

Jack, This such a moving story an to close to home relating wise. I can not be more happier for your with the trials and tribulations you have gone through. One day, I look to tell a very similar story. Thanks for your leadership!.

TomLow Sep 06, 7:04 PM

thank you for sharing. Something like that stays in the memory

Aceyducey56 Sep 19, 4:36 AM

Persistence is the key is what I gather from your inspirational story

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@kroyrunner Hey Tim, I did a private IM but I haven't ever received a message back from anyone that way lol so I thought I'd post here just in case. I asked about dollar volume the other day in chat, but I think I'm confused as to how that can be used as an indicator to help choose stocks. Why is it important to have good dollar volume in the stocks we ( or at least the ones you pick for instance you say you like a minimum of 3M) trade? Thank you!

kroyrunner Apr 09, 20 9:42 PM

@Bito $ volume is better than volume, because it helps give a better picture of liquidity dependent on the price of the stock. for example, a stock that is $1 and trades 10 million shares is far more liquid than a stock that is $0.01 and trades 10 million shares. So $ volume helps solve that problem and ensure that everything I scan for will truly have good liquidity regardless of price

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