@kroyrunner Hey Tim, I did a private IM but I haven't ever received a message back from anyone that way lol so I thought I'd post here just in case. I asked about dollar volume the other day in chat, but I think I'm confused as to how that can be used as an indicator to help choose stocks. Why is it important to have good dollar volume in the stocks we ( or at least the ones you pick for instance you say you like a minimum of 3M) trade? Thank you!

kroyrunner Apr 09, 20 9:42 PM

@Bito $ volume is better than volume, because it helps give a better picture of liquidity dependent on the price of the stock. for example, a stock that is $1 and trades 10 million shares is far more liquid than a stock that is $0.01 and trades 10 million shares. So $ volume helps solve that problem and ensure that everything I scan for will truly have good liquidity regardless of price

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