@Pumper just became a fully transparent trader today!

jdmass Jul 29, 20 9:37 PM

@Pumper for the all day trading webinar this Friday, go to profit.ly, hover your mouse over 'Premium', click on 'Premium Content' from the drop down menu, select 'Important Links', at the bottom of the page there will be a link and password.

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Breezlybruin Feb 09, 10:07 PM

Great video. Some clear and well demonstrated!

HIMMENY Feb 10, 6:05 PM

Great video and great breakdown, come back to this every so often to refresh, very well explained Thanks!

VanDeStadt Feb 17, 2:10 PM

For what it's worth if you're a TOS user: You can edit the Fibonacci Retracements drawing to quickly chart the 50% line like Jack does here. Here's how: Dawings>Fib Retracement (looks like %)>first mark the bottom where the first breakout starts>Mark the top of the peak. This will draw several %ages. Right Click this new drawing>edit properties> Only check the 0%, 50% boxes>Check the other box closest to 1.0 and edit the number to equal 1.0>change the colors of the lines to be the same. Voil

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