@Pumper just became a fully transparent trader today!

jdmass Jul 29, 9:37 PM

@Pumper for the all day trading webinar this Friday, go to profit.ly, hover your mouse over 'Premium', click on 'Premium Content' from the drop down menu, select 'Important Links', at the bottom of the page there will be a link and password.

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Rak Oct 24, 1:15 AM

...with #2

tyree7 Oct 27, 10:22 PM

Swell Lesson Jack

skatermdw Nov 06, 10:46 PM

Thank you very informative!!!! Learn the process to increase your r/r!!!!

Crazey_Canuck Nov 08, 7:26 PM

That was interesting using the mid as an entry for r/r I like that can not tell how many times I have bought at the top line and it stuffs on you very frustrating and you are so right about your entry. So important Thanks Jack

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