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jofouche Sep 09, 19 1:34 PM

Many thanks for the video, great lessons!

BigMike2020 Sep 14, 19 8:20 PM

Just watched two of your videos on youtube: August recap and 0 to 100k! Very helpful to me a newbie! Thanks for sharing all your hardwork and documenting it so others can learn from your willingness to share! Means alot! Best of luck going forward and thanks again and here's to the next 100k!

RWoody Sep 23, 19 8:03 AM

really enjoyed your talk on stage at the summit. SO now i'm going through all your videos! which are great! thank you

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tayhaoxia Apr 15, 5:16 AM

studying the past is key to the future

Jim_Bob_buey Jun 01, 11:37 AM

the money i had in BTC for 20 days through all the ups and downs would have been better served with Tim's methods, to keep in cash and use as ammo for a sniper. I missed opportunities, so i returned my BTC to cash.

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