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jadiez Jul 08, 11:06 PM

Great one Andrew.... Thank you for sharing your process with us!!!

silversurfer72 Jul 09, 12:53 AM

right now I take a break after three trades lol PDT. Nice blog, and the track you under-layed was sweet very soothing.

Windwalzer Jul 10, 7:59 PM

Thank you for the video, I'm not alone. It's better after taking a break and doing something that you truly enjoy. Thank you for your time.

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Today I got my first win, it wasn't pretty and it was based off an alert in chat after two failed attempts on my own. It was good for my newbie self-esteem and I did learn because I also had a loss and I'm O/N long 600 on one that's more than likely going to be another loss they are small and I am getting better but have a real long way to go. I need to be much better prepared and stick to the rules. I'm only three weeks into my education so there's only one way to go from here.

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Cortes Jun 29, 5:49 PM

I will not be greedy.

HenryCraig Jun 30, 1:38 AM

With time and effort, I can learn more and do better.

nickfb31 Jul 06, 12:55 PM

I will not get greedy

kcwonnersc Jul 06, 4:53 PM

I'm learning to take the meat of the move and stop expecting more from a stock when it's given me 15-20% in a few minutes. I will not be greedy

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