Entry comments: Bought this strong earnings winner, thats been uptrending all day 12 million shares short, methinks multi-day short squeeze, all I want is 50-75 cents/share next week, 15-25 cents/share of downside risk, I like my odds, c'mon analyst upgrade!

Exit comments: No morning spike/gap up, might happen later, but I went in with specific thesis, didn't play out so I play this safe and cut losses quickly...GREAT trade...I never mind small losses as long as I stick to the rules, I know that's difficult for newbies to understand, but when the upside is 50-75 cents/share and downside is 10-20 cents/share, if the downside happens, all u can do is cut losses quickly...that makes it a good trade...letting losses potentially run would make it bad, understand?


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Kilitime28May 02, 14 3:58 PM

Does this mean that you are betting against it?? Just got a little confused there...!

RARA_BATINGOMay 02, 14 4:32 PM

I am besides myself with joy because I found WPRT this morn and ident it as buy if it broke intra day 15.75 because it tested it 3x and couldn't break through. Even though I didn't buy cuz im still paper trading.. I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF!

PeeOnMay 02, 14 6:28 PM

Nice! Looks good for a short. Let's see how high she goes......

PeeOnMay 02, 14 6:31 PM

@Kilitime28 Master Tim went long, so generally that means he's NOT "betting against it." When I go short, then I'm betting against it.

raybulls2015May 05, 14 10:59 AM

Understood. You have to take Ego out of the equation.

Kilitime28May 05, 14 12:01 PM

WPRT volume increased from 1.52 to 1.74 M , I guess it's spiking now?? And it's climbing back up now...

MojoMay 05, 14 9:24 PM

I stayed in there this morning and took profits at $16.05 ($231.15) cause I had to go to work. When I got to work I chkd $WPRT it was up to $16.33 but I followed Tim's rules and took profits. -MOJO

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