Entry comments: Buying for morning gap up/spike as this new Toshiba/Sandisk deal is the good news stemming from the 2/27 catastrophe when they said that relationship was over...the stock was at $3.80ish before that day, I'd expect another spike toward that level now that its holding support at $3

Exit comments: Disappointing no gap up, no morning spike, maybe rebounds later, but can't take that chance as I thought it'd be stronger, very similar to RCON letdown, good lesson for me to take mental notes on, gotta cut losses quickly when wrong


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Imi75May 19, 14 4:04 PM

That's me :)

Sum0neElseMay 19, 14 4:16 PM

Thanks for the heads up Tim. I'm new to the Challenge, so I'm excited with this trade.

PolisBMay 20, 14 9:04 AM

Your honesty and transparency as a teacher go a LONG way Tim, even though you lost money on this trade it was still an important lesson for your students...lets focus and let the STRATEGY work us! Thanks BOSS!! :)

PolisBMay 20, 14 9:10 AM

"For example", I learned that its VERY important to wake up early, I just looked at IMI and it's down to $2.86 now, so if you had woke up 10 minutes later then you would be down another $3,500....Learned "very important to cut losses quickly" and "The early Bird gets the Worm", only in this case you saved losing more Worms! Thanks again Boss! :)

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