$486 Profit
USMNShort Stock

Entry comments: Shorted via my high net worth broker who has shares to short as this stock spiked 1,700% from .05/share on Friday on this erroneous article http://tim.ly/1JGMBQS claiming they won a Tesla deal, lazy reporting which they've updated. USMN just denied it http://tim.ly/1LNNqhr This is the beauty of penny stocks, misinformation creates opportunity, goal is to make 30-50% although due to today's denial, its already tanked a ton so this is mostly just educational, video coming soon too

Exit comments: Covered this short from yesterday for a 46% profit, tiny, tiny position, but I want to show you how to make big % on a small position, classic trade


  • Total Views1,194
  • Position Size10,000
  • Percentage44%
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DecensteveSep 01, 15 12:07 PM

nice trading stuff, Banking on misinformation ,nice strategy,and simple.

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