Entry comments: I bought a longer term position in this recent merger/recent Supernova as their merger is with a company that makes automated sensors, like this pill bottle that alerts patients when they need to take their meds https://tim.ly/2KgNPis VERY similar to this startup Amazon bought today https://tim.ly/2yPv545 and in this crazy environment with runners like CEI, PED, DFBG I can see this spiking too, just a question of when people notice it and/or they issue a press release so it's a waiting game

Exit comments: Sold into this little 2-day runup, didn't spike as expected on the Amazon acquisition of a competitor, but nice little gain here over a few days so I'll take it...potential re-buy if we get more volume/some news that can really spike it


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kjlaurro1Jun 28, 18 11:05 AM

dang it I want to do this sooooo badly just dont have initial funds to jump in "yet" maybe get a few helpful trades from you then I can have the money to purchase.

kjlaurro1Jun 28, 18 11:05 AM

invest in me so I can invest in You and Me~

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