Entry comments: I dip bought this big spiker off its highs in the low .60s, would love to see it get back there and maybe break day high too, could be quick, small position

Exit comments: Whew, I'll take this small win, wanted more of a spike but looks to have trouble at premarket highs so I'll take my single, now onto work on my premarket video lesson posting, sorry about that!


  • Total Views1,205
  • Position Size5,000
  • Percentage4.31%
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sparrowhawkDec 11, 19 8:46 AM

It feels good to know I’m on the right track when there’s an alert of a buy that you made and I made the same buy at the same price. Learning to sell sooner so I pushed myself to sell quickly rather than holding too long and losing any profit. Thanks Tim

ejroyceDec 11, 19 9:21 AM

I took a small position prior to your post here, so I must be doing things right. Not much of a profit, but it's a step in the right direction with what very little I have today.

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