Entry comments: Speculative buy on probable first big green day on this former runner on SEC filing https://tim.ly/3gDTqe5 of their augmented reality tech being used in in virtual learning with Boston University, stock spiking a bit, but most important line says press release to follow so good with upcoming catalyst, goal is to make 10-20% as low priced plays like this and GAXY/VSQTF have proven they can really run this week

Exit comments: Small gain but big wall of sellers at .013ish so I won't overtsay heading into midday, just taking small gains, potential rebuy later today as we're still waiting on the upcoming press release


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  • Position Size678,000
  • Percentage14.55%
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BillionAug 26, 20 12:18 PM

Hello Good Morning sir, thats amazing u bought at 0.00. Please tell me how did u buy at 0.00..

WindwalzerAug 26, 20 3:23 PM

Dip buy, loving it. Thank you.

RChenAug 27, 20 12:50 AM

Thank you.

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