Entry comments: Early spiker on news of reverse merger https://tim.ly/2DidHrM former runner and this niche is hot so goal is to sell in the .06s or .07s, wish I had bigger position but it spikes fast

Exit comments: Stunning new way to start the month, solid single, just wish I had bigger position but this is a lower volume name so its fine, just taking my singles and playing it safe...another great trade trade would've been to hold WKSP overnight as that's up to .45 from my buy alert yesterday at .25ish


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WindwalzerSep 01, 20 7:07 PM

The news really carried this one, most vol over the past yr. Had a big run and I don't see news during that time. Plus a smaller run in March and April 2020 not as much vol. History is the key, thank you for being a great history teacher, not just teaching dates but events.

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