Entry comments: Buying this SPAC from Superman as it's an EV play former runner breaking out today, I'm catching a nice dip off its highs of 25.29, goal is to sell for 5-10% bounce, nothing huge since its higher priced but could be good $, see this video why I'm going bigger

Exit comments: Solid profit, just testing the waters on these higher priced plays, nice high of the day breakout in a hot sector, but no fireworks like I wanted, see https://tim.ly/superspac to learn this strategy, potential rebuy if it can gt more volatile like SOLO


  • Total Views577
  • Position Size7,000
  • Percentage1.89%
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WindwalzerNov 20, 4:50 PM

You stayed with it because it didn't hit your stop loss? Thank you. Trying to think like you do.

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