Entry comments: Dip buying this big morning spiker on their merger news with a fintech company http://tim.ly/3brmaHB for faster payments, already hit .36 twenty minutes ago, I'd love to see a bounce back to the .30s, small position though due to illiquidity, thx STT News for this one

Exit comments: Got back to the .30s, but can't break let alone even test the day high of .36 so I'm out for a small gain, thought it might run more like we've seen in the past, but this market environment is slower than in the past few weeks so you must adapt and stay safe/more conservative


  • Total Views1,014
  • Position Size18,000
  • Percentage30.65%
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PrinceNazoEphtribeMar 08, 21 12:23 PM

And it went even higher, crazy solid capitalizing on this and could've got even more

WindwalzerMar 08, 21 9:09 PM

Nice volume during you entry and exit. Thank you.

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