Entry comments: Another partial fill o the dip buy on this runner way off its highs, goal is a 5-10% bounce, delayed panic here

Exit comments: Nice little bounce in an ugly market, I'll scoop up these intraday panics all day long, nothing huge, but small gains add up over time, eve when Etrade screws me out of a bigger profit this morning, I'll do video lesson explaining what happened


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User_1610Jul 19, 21 11:16 AM

Watching And Analyzing!

WzkDJul 19, 21 11:27 AM

I know exactly the issue you're going to talk about because I experienced it too this morning. I was going to preview an order in pre-market and it told me I needed to accept the OTC trading acknowledgement, very sorry I didn't point this out in the chat

User_1610Jul 19, 21 11:31 AM

I Can't Even Order OTC's Stocks Through STT Platform, It Says Error While Requesting Preview Order.

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