Entry comments: Bought this former runner that's spiking big with news, goal is to sell in the .02s, could b e fast, shoulda bought this at the open

Exit comments: Nice little winner, coulda woulda shoulda bought this from the open instead of boring old SFOR, but at least I recovered and got a good chunk of this move, now its a potential dip buy into any big morning panic, thank you STT Breaking News as always for the head's up


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friedrichodermannSep 16, 9:56 AM

You bought this after the HOD breakout! I saw the bid stack but didn't have the nuts to buy in above 0.018. Nice trade, nerves of steel.

Jazzy79Sep 16, 12:04 PM

@timothysykes Did this alert come from the news tab in STT or the chat tab? The Chat is an add on feature?

tupuadSep 16, 4:57 PM

Thanks Tim, Good discipline.

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