Entry comments: I'm buying this former Supernova play to hold over the long holiday weekend as it spiked big this morning this solid earnings news https://tim.ly/3fsyubw and while it hasn't done much since, its held its gains and has a history of multiday spikes so my goal is to sell this in the .47-55 range ideally on Tuesday as more people see what an extraordinary quarter they had. I'll review in a weekend video lesson too. Cut losses if it can't hold .40

Exit comments: Absolutely perfect gap up today as the momentum continued from last week and they even put out a nice premarket press release about more acquisitions...maybe it spikes more, but i'm locking in safe gains


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  • Position Size25,000
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cmckay_davJan 14, 3:19 PM

In at 0.4379, thanks for the trade good sir.

BruceGJan 18, 9:56 AM

in @0.44 and out @ 0.4798 for 9.0% gain...good Weekend Trade...thanks

trader_72824Jan 18, 12:42 PM

In at .4451 out at .5406. Should have gotten out a little earlier but still a good trade 21.46%

Tusya1Jan 18, 9:42 PM

Thank you,Tim.

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