Entry comments: Partial fill on this big bouncer, big drop over the past few days after an incredible multiday runup and now its gone red to green on the day so let' see how far this can bounce, goal is to make 5-15%, nothing huge, but big 5 million share bidder protecting me at .005 if I'm wrong

Exit comments: Got a little bounce but its boring midday and now the markets are fading and this one is looking tired after this 30%+ bounce so I'll take my single and lock in profits, nothing huge, but nice to see OTC runners bouncing quite nicely again, CLOW I underestimated bigtime so I gotta learn to be more aggressive the next few days


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  • Position Size371,960
  • Percentage7.84%
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Tusya1Nov 23, 12:05 PM

Thank you.

tupuadNov 23, 7:02 PM

Thanks Tim!

User_1610Nov 25, 10:12 AM

Watching And Analyzing!

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