Entry comments: I am dip buying this fast-moving breaking news spiking big on news of big new contract https://tinyurl.com/yc6vx7rv as it has a history of 2-day spikes and we'll see how far this can go, goal is to sell in the .70s or .80s if it can take out day high of .74, cut losses if it can't hold the .55s support

Exit comments: WOW, what a rocket, this is now over $1/share as I type this so perhaps I sold too early, but its a fast moving stock so I just tried to take the meat of the move, this is why you NEED http://tim.lly/breaking2


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User_1610Feb 06, 2:24 PM

Watching And Analyzing!

tupuadFeb 06, 2:33 PM

Thanks Tim, good work!

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