Entry comments: Dip buy into big morning panic, I wanted under $1/share to go bigger, but goal is to have a 5-15% bounce from here, it moves quick, CLASSIC http://tim.ly/sykesmorning panic here

Exit comments: Solid little bounce play here, again I wish it had more liquidity and more panic under $1/share, but I'll take what I can get, small gains add up and making a few hundred on this setup is fine for me, potential re-buy on any big panic under $1/share


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  • Position Size1,500
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tupuadFeb 07, 10:17 AM

Thanks Tim, good work!

okinyiFeb 07, 12:20 PM

Some of these abbreviated stocks e.g. ETCC AND OTHER, confuse me, I do not know them in full and cannot find them on my trading platform of choice. Do I have to download Tim's trading platform to access all these stocks not found on my side?

User_1610Feb 07, 1:33 PM

Watching And Analyzing!

almankeFeb 07, 11:50 PM

Nice, Tim. Nice run to HOD at yesterday's close introduced a nice dip-buying opportunity today.

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