Entry comments: Premarket buy on this runner wth news https://tinyurl.com/bdcrmbhp holding near day highs, goal is to sell into a pop in the 5s, could be fast, not sure if I'll hold until market open, thsxSTT Breaking News

Exit comments: Whewwww, what a rush to wake you u in the morning, right? I was a bit late with my entry but in this market these runners have more upside...maybe t spikes more, but possible double top at 5.50ish so I'll just play it safe and lock in my single here, potential re-buy on any big intraday dip or if it can breakout convincingly, it moves FAST


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User_1610Nov 27, 23 9:20 AM

Watching And Analyzing!

camiecakesNov 27, 23 2:53 PM

I am learning more every trade you make

Tusya1Nov 27, 23 4:40 PM

Thank you for sharing

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