Entry comments: I'm buying this space stock breaking out today ahead of their big launch next week https://tim.ly/3SxOD2A and a big 27% stake reported by the company's co-founder...los of momentum here, goal is to sell in the 5s, small position only because its moved very far very fast today, but is holding its gains well so that bodes well for later today/next week

Exit comments: I had to take profits as my goals are already met and I'm just no comfortable being more aggressive on this one or any other play right now as we've seen a lot of late day strength which is the best time to sell instead of holding overnight...so I'm locking in safe profits, I'll do a detailed video lesson this weekend on how I'm adapting to this extra-hot market, congrats to all


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  • Position Size2,500
  • Percentage8.92%
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tupuadFeb 09, 3:13 PM

thanks Tim for your analysis.

jimbevharFeb 09, 3:19 PM

It's It is a privilege to get your insight

icarustFeb 10, 5:24 AM

Miss the time of buying and selling here. Could be interesting to see exactly what you're doing in terms of volume and more.

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