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ZiggysMom Jun 03, 18 4:09 PM

Noting otc stocks take a while to execute so no need to sell immediately on overnight holds. It pays to get out early. Learn from the past, understand and use multiple indicators.

SherryHall Jun 11, 18 1:41 PM

I just wanted to say thanks for the tips!

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wright013 Feb 01, 10:56 PM

good lesson thank you mark

axlk Mar 25, 6:37 AM

Thanks Mark. Awesome video lesson

JonathanIParra May 20, 4:38 PM

this is a awesome video explaining how to properly play fresh big percent runners , dont chase buy support on the dip and let the stock prove itself i love it

TonyG1 Jun 24, 7:57 PM

Thank Q Marky Mark!

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