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gjbailey36 Jun 25, 12:02 AM

I've been in the zone, now to find my zone here.

Peteball0101 Jun 29, 12:55 AM

I've been in the zone but you have taught me to stay humble or the market will swallow you

TonyG1 Jul 06, 4:56 PM

tks Tim Good lesson!

hannon777 Jul 22, 3:14 PM

love learning every bit!! thank you! get in the zone! never get cocky! take good odds set ups!

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Received 55 Karmas
Thierry_Cases Jun 29, 8:32 AM

TAIT didn't seem liquid enough to dip buy, only a few thousands k share traded is risky, don't you think?

TonyG1 Jul 06, 3:29 PM

Great video lesson Tim...Also keep ranting it is useful in fact it has created some real wealthy folk out there!!!

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