zarazaMay 14, 19 8:39 AM

Thank You Tim.. Stay away from guessing games. Have been in the zone before but only after years of experience. All the knowledge and scars line up for the "yeah I got this" moment..Use STT and trade like a retired trader.

Willbee_RichMay 14, 19 8:42 AM

I am slowly starting to get it. I must admit this is one of the hardest things I have tried to learn...Keep them coming... Thank You Tim!!!

geedub03May 14, 19 8:44 AM

im in the zone with my studying atm watching all your DVDs , study study study the lessons then implement some strategy

amsbeatsMay 14, 19 8:47 AM

I learned my lessons the hard way about not being over confident. I was up 100% on my first month of trading, got super cocky, then I lost 30% chasing $BPTH. It took me quite a while to recover. The market will ALWAYS humble you lol. Thanks for the vid Tim!

HIMMENYMay 14, 19 8:47 AM

In the Zone! nice trades, thanks Tim

asfricksrsMay 14, 19 8:48 AM

Thanks Tim - I would rather be taught by your wisdom of 20+ years than be humbled by the lessons of guessing the markets. Thank you for your insight and guidance as we learn to recognize the "hated" pennystocks that are moving in trepid waters.

GeorgeCanningVMay 14, 19 8:49 AM

In the zone, autozone hahaha. Thank you!! Learning and learning

cfcmicktMay 14, 19 8:49 AM

Thank you Tim. I love penny stocks, no matter what the market is doing, no matter what big Companies like Google, Amazon, Apple etc. are all doing there is always likely to be an opportunity with penny stocks. Just got to follow those patterns that are working

ChetsMay 14, 19 8:50 AM

I'm not in the zone yet but soon to be!

redwagonriderMay 14, 19 8:50 AM

Hell Ya! Love these OTC plays. I'm in the zone when I have a good day studying and I really get into one of the Tim Challenge dvds. I have the guide book alongside that I can track the stocks that are being discussed in the dvd and I have blank notecards that I can make new flash cards with. I know I was in the zone when studying because I keep these flash cards by my computer and I can easily review the entire dvd in a short time. Thanks Tim

calvinwMay 14, 19 8:52 AM

Never really been into a zone. But I feel that I am getting better. Your patterns are becoming recognizable more and more every day. My investor plays still exist, but slowly migrating into a day trader.

CrazyWillowsMay 14, 19 8:52 AM

Definitely been in the zone in sport and been in the zone once in trading, was a great feeling. Good lesson thanks Tim, its coming, just got to keep studying.

KparessonMay 14, 19 8:55 AM

Thanks Tim!! Yes.. it's so cool that even in a down market you can still make money.. if you know what to look for!! After about 7 months I think things are starting to click.. I still have to study more and learn more of course, but yesterday was a great day.. $550 on KBLB and I'm up $150 on CTHR!! Thank you so much!!

MjasonMay 14, 19 9:10 AM

i've been in the zone as an athlete and martial artist but not yet as a trader. I know with consistent studying I will be at some point. you've shown me an opportunity to change my life on my terms, and i'm going to take full advantage of it. thank you Tim

markbhenry77May 14, 19 9:16 AM

Yeah, I've been in "a" zone. Losing zone. Autozone. ha! Love the videos!!!

Emanuel85May 14, 19 9:19 AM

Great video, thanks! Never been IN THE ZONE before (at least not in the right one), but trying my best every day! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

roygbivMay 14, 19 9:21 AM

Thank you Tim.

CoffeebreakMay 14, 19 9:23 AM

Definitely been in the zone. But definately get in slumps as well.

PeachtartMay 14, 19 9:24 AM

Thanks Tim. Not exactly "In the Zone" yet, but I can see the Zone on the horizon. Getting closer. Being careful and listening to YOU !!

BGoddardMay 14, 19 9:27 AM

Still very new but understand where your at, that zone is coming.Thanks to you Tim.

SlipKidMay 14, 19 9:35 AM

Thanks Tim!

roadhammerMay 14, 19 9:56 AM

thanks Tim I'm still in the studying zone and glad to have you as a mentor

ElleDianeMay 14, 19 9:57 AM

I've been in a zone, working in the study zone now with high hopes of being in the trading zone soon.

SamiSosaMay 14, 19 9:57 AM

im not in the zone right now but i will work for it

NoFOMOMay 14, 19 10:09 AM

Looking forward to the time I know that feeling to be "in the zone" .... Just keep studying! Don't give up!

mynbtsaMay 14, 19 10:21 AM

Thanks Tim, not quite in the zone yet , Im building large knowledge account #lovelearning

LizLeleMay 14, 19 10:28 AM

Good lesson! Yea the more I watch the market the more in the zone I feel, it's easier to see what sector is hot and it's cool to watch plays turn out. Thanks Tim!

weytraderMay 14, 19 10:31 AM

the zone, the tao, the path, the red road, only a glimpse in trading for me so far.

shoeusnMay 14, 19 11:00 AM

Slowly getting into the zone! $KBLB was the first trade ive made that I did on my own that followed almost the exact entries and exit as the guru's so im learing!

MrDrewbiusMay 14, 19 11:24 AM

I love the idea of the zone. Spent 20+ years as a professional drummer and being in the zone was a great feeling.

axlkMay 14, 19 2:03 PM

Thanks Tim. Yeah had that in the Zone feeling when I played Tennis 🎾

SpartaTek9May 14, 19 2:46 PM

I'm glad the patterns still work even in a down overall market. thx Tim, still your dedicated student. 1Love!

pnesbittMay 14, 19 3:23 PM

Best chance of being in the zone is to follow the winning patterns. As always, thanks Tim!

millerruth23May 14, 19 3:32 PM

In the zone, I'n def not there yet with my trading, but I think it's coimng, I feel it coming :)

dexdriaMay 14, 19 3:34 PM

I've been in the zone with step aerobics, which comes from 20+ years of experience ;-) I'm working my way to being "in the zone" with trading. I've learned a lot, and your video lessons are very helpful! I'll be keeping in mind patterns that work: shorting 1st red day on pumps, and 1st green day on OTC multiday runners with catalyst and high volume. Thank you, Tim! :)

NanigirlMay 14, 19 4:02 PM

Thank you Tim Sykes👊👊🤙🤙

SphinxMay 14, 19 6:38 PM

Found KBLB on scans. Held it Long for some nice gains paper trading. Loving it.

Learning4FFMay 14, 19 6:59 PM

watched, Thanks Tim, Haven't found the zone for trading yet, but I'm not a quitter and will persist until I do.

timothysykesMay 14, 19 7:55 PM

@dexdria yup, the more experience you have the easier it is to get in the zone

rrdav7May 14, 19 8:32 PM

Thanks, Tim. Been trading stocks for 20 years, but new to penny stocks and I am loving it and having more success than ever!!! I'm actually reading the book Trading in the Zone.

wright013May 14, 19 10:46 PM

trying to get there

skatermdwMay 14, 19 11:13 PM

Thank You Tim !!!!

Kane7May 14, 19 11:30 PM

I made a 10% return after brokerage costs last night from a 2 week holding position... I’m excited as I am starting with a small account but looking forward to building up my account size!

SpeedyPMay 14, 19 11:33 PM

I will prepare!

DianaPelaezMay 15, 19 12:01 AM

In the studying zone, learning your patterns and focusing on learning to recognising them. I am sure that with your coaching, patience and staying humble....I will eventually get there.

jaime72976May 15, 19 12:04 AM

Defenitely not on a zone I paper traded kblb dip buying the first dip and cuttting losses on the second dip I was in to early and then a couple minutes you bought it Tim, I was off on my timing had I held it and gave time I probably would off made a penny but I cut losses quickly lol

PopcheezMay 15, 19 12:14 AM

Thanks Tim! Always helpful

Wolf_fangMay 15, 19 12:50 AM

Just renewed my challange membership, thanks for all your lessons.

eaglebear4May 15, 19 2:52 AM

im in the zone of the "TIM SYKES" school of penny stocks millionaire challenge but not trading yet learning alot so thanks you so much for all you do for us Tim S

magerosMay 15, 19 3:50 AM

Yes Tim . I have been in the zone before outside of trading. It is quite a wonderful trading things are finally starting to click and I am just beginning starting to get some consistency in my trading. For me it is like being in a mini zone.thank you. You have been right about everything.

MrEdMay 15, 19 4:10 AM

Way to go Tim another great lesson

EJ808May 15, 19 4:10 AM

Thanks Tim. Always enjoy your videos. I'm still refining my trades daily to see what works best for me and I believe I'm in the right track.

FreewilllyMay 15, 19 5:52 AM

not yet but i am getting there

redwagonriderMay 15, 19 8:08 AM

Watching again. Thanks for the inspiration to get into the zone!

piscott0306May 15, 19 8:16 AM

Videos watched. Muchas Gracias Tim.

KriminatorMay 15, 19 8:25 AM

I'm still watching great plays go by, still on the right track, I got to focus more on taking singles

KStangerMay 15, 19 8:29 AM

I'm in the zone!

IsabelaDornMay 15, 19 1:07 PM

Trying to figure it all out. Trying to get in tune!

jim4greenMay 15, 19 1:32 PM

Great info - as always.

MiaPlateauMay 15, 19 9:26 PM

• Don’t Guess Geopolitical on trading. • Pattern: Buying 1st Green Day On Multi Day OTC Breakout Catalyst.

Daniel_CMay 15, 19 10:40 PM

Good To Be In The Zone!

KDJourneyMay 15, 19 11:09 PM

Thanks Tim ~ looking forward to finding the zone trading Penny Stocks

live44May 16, 19 1:54 AM

In the Zone in Baseball; No Trade Yet. Nice trading Tim

legheimMay 16, 19 5:28 PM

Good lesson Tim. Thank you

JessAaronMcNamaraMay 16, 19 8:43 PM

In the studying zone, working on the trading zone. Trying to build my trading account and be more consistent. Thanks Tim, good lesson

MoonShotMay 17, 19 11:02 AM

Thanks Tim. Haven't been in the zone in terms of trading...yet.

ShouselauraMay 17, 19 11:06 AM

I have been in the zone at the peak of my nursing career - now I want to be in the zone with trading.

2TheMoonMay 18, 19 10:30 PM

I've been in the zone at some point... it feels great. And we have to appreciate those moments, as sometimes we lose it with life getting in the way.

piscott0306May 20, 19 3:34 PM

Video watched. Muchas Gracias Tim.

RichieRichWMay 21, 19 3:50 AM

Are you kidding? I love trading and learning from/with you. I love your rules because they all make sense and are designed to protect me. Thank you Tim!

NanigirlMay 21, 19 5:29 PM

Thanks for this Tim!

RunnerMay 23, 19 11:59 AM

Thanks Tim!

Rustam85May 28, 19 2:19 PM

nice one. In the zone !!

bcloudyJun 03, 19 12:08 AM

I have watched this twice. I am trying. Thanks so much

ChristineBJun 06, 19 12:20 PM

I love your teachings! You take your personal time, to make vidoes to teach people how to make money! Fuck the haters! Where's their video lessons? LOL

jcash3485Jun 15, 19 3:37 PM

Trying to get in the zone on these strategies

2grasleysJun 20, 19 1:08 PM

Great Lesson Tim, Thanks!!

MaiTaiJun 22, 19 6:56 PM

Thanh’s, every video helps me understand.. when in the zone things flow, when not in the zone things seem to always go wrong..

gjbailey36Jun 25, 19 12:02 AM

I've been in the zone, now to find my zone here.

Peteball0101Jun 29, 19 12:55 AM

I've been in the zone but you have taught me to stay humble or the market will swallow you

TonyG1Jul 06, 19 4:56 PM

tks Tim Good lesson!

hannon777Jul 22, 19 3:14 PM

love learning every bit!! thank you! get in the zone! never get cocky! take good odds set ups!

NozJul 24, 19 1:03 AM

Watched, cheers Tim.

JRFJul 24, 19 1:14 AM

Thank You Tim. Just starting out. Studying and focusing on the basics. I started out over-trading. The market will get you.

HughNguyenJul 27, 19 4:04 PM

Awsome lesson. Thanks Tim

LittleRedAug 06, 19 1:19 PM

Thanks Tim. Ive gotten in the zone studying but need more time to do that in the market. A good example of being in the zone is when Im downhilll mountain biking. You can feel the difference when you are in sync with the bike/trusting it over technical riding. Learning both so Im looking forward to hitting the same point in my trading.

wildwesAug 09, 19 12:41 AM

i've been in the zone for the last three years with my longs, now it's time to work on gettin' in the zone with my day trades

JonathanIParraAug 15, 19 12:12 PM

i'm working to get in the zone, the patterns never lie and modeulate its important

EspartacoAug 18, 19 9:11 PM

I am in the zone! Thanks to your patterns!

redwagonriderAug 30, 19 1:23 PM

I was in the zone yesterday while out sailing in a race. really pushed to be the 1st boat across the line. we were perfectly poised when the horn signaled the start of the race. I haven't been in the zone with trading, so I have been trying to find the zone with studying, and trading less. It works. study study study!!!

tommy888gDec 14, 19 1:10 AM

In the zone. Thanks Tim

JessMarg70Jan 13, 20 4:03 PM

trying to get in the zone and studying!!

CamDoleFeb 03, 20 8:54 PM

Not in trading yet. But I have at my previous job on a busy Saturday morning.

MuddydirtMar 05, 20 7:57 PM

Watching these video lessons all time trying to get in zone

HenryCraigMar 05, 20 8:48 PM

You cannot cheat your way to success. Learn from the past, study in the present, and prepare for the future.

dumbtradesMar 18, 20 10:10 AM

when you are out of tune with markets trade smaller until you get back into the zone

timcobraMar 24, 20 8:15 AM

Thanks Tim, I am studying your patterns and yes they work!

OutdoorchickMar 30, 20 1:21 PM

Thank you Tim. Study the pattern find your specific pattern then wait.

av1Apr 20, 20 9:18 PM

Tim ths video lesson helped me out a lot especially when you talked about every single trade or POTENTIAL trade being a lesson

av1May 18, 20 7:40 AM

I will modulate! When I'm in tune with the market I will push position size and be more aggressive. If I'm not, I will take profits/losses quicker and reign in position size

mexmillionaireJun 28, 20 4:39 PM

I’ve been in the zone in basketball and know that feeling so I will do my best to get there and recognize it with stocks.

CosmoBhattSep 05, 20 6:02 PM

I have not been in the zone, yet.

bdriesOct 12, 20 6:06 AM

I have not been in the zone

Matthew46Oct 26, 20 7:02 AM

Thank You Tim! one time everything was right plain, pattern, and entry,exit felt great!!! Studying Studying to get that zone feeling again!!!

didixiuMay 30, 1:25 AM

Thank you Tim.

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