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Flockstock Apr 23, 17 10:47 AM

Look at multiple time frames and price history ... Lots of long term resistance =no play= not enough upside even with volume and good news it won't spike much .. Most plays aren't worth touching they lack volatility .. Don't dip buy stocks getting crushed off the highs. While they can bounce, if there is history of gap and fade buy

Pendragon Apr 23, 17 12:12 PM

Thanks for the Webinar Mark. I didn't make it live, but this has great info and I appreciate your perspective.

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Witnessed NADL morning spike. Was planning to dip buy but did not reach my target. Played too conservatively as stock held support in low 2s premarket.

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Tommy_D Aug 27, 19 6:39 PM

I have 2 goals. I have 2 plans.

JonathanIParra Aug 29, 19 7:29 PM

i have two 2 plans and 2 goals nice video! claasic #5 and premarket spikers haha nice trade safe

Outdoorchick Feb 04, 7:10 AM

I have two plans and two goals. Thanks Tim

HenryCraig Mar 07, 11:43 PM

Preparation + Opportunity = Success "Knowledge and self-sufficiency are critical to my success in penny stocking."

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olsko Jun 22, 17 12:34 AM

Great overall commentary; took much notes; had fun; can’t wait to see you in STT pro when I take all what I’ve learned and rake me up gains; Time to catch myself a school of fish; cheers!

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