Received 27 Karmas
AAlmujahid May 25, 7:49 AM

Great video. I'm really liking the detailed explanations. One thing I didn't quite get was how you manage your sell orders on these otc's. I noticed at one point the bid was like .0129 and the ask was .013, but you slapped your sell price in at .0112. Is that similar to selling at the bid?

ArtOfWar May 30, 5:15 PM

@AAlmujahid I account for slippage. I typically set my sell orders lower then the bid because I just want out. With OTCs I’m really focused on that because it is so hard to get out sometimes. Also I set lower because I want to give the stock maximum opportunity to hold and if it can’t I’m still able to get out decent without panicking and having to re-enter my order and causing more damages in losses.

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