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1FirstRedDay Feb 10, 8:15 PM

I don't thing your doing bad at all even though your in the red. Your losses are small and rule #1 is to cut losses quickly. Go back at look at your two profits and get that confidence back, but also consider paper trading for awhile during real time. A lot of successful traders paper traded for 2 to 9 months before risking there hard earned money. My knowledge account is definitely much bigger than my brokerage account at the time. Keep studying!

1ftmanglona Feb 10, 9:51 PM

Dont be discouraged, i just broke my 8 in a row losing streak. February has not had very many opportunities and I think we're all trying to make something happen that isn't meant for us.

stefano321 Feb 12, 12:49 PM

if it makes you feel any better, you're not alone, look at me, I'm down 16K and I'm still not giving up

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manny90 Feb 10, 1:54 PM

yah. I should get that DVD. finding and researching stocks is y weakness. Thanks for the tip.

MickeyAnn Feb 10, 5:34 PM

I was just about to write a blog post about my inability to analyze the information once I gather it. I know how to find the stocks and research them but somehow I keep taking losses. Hopefully we get it soon @manny90!

FreedomTrader77 Feb 10, 5:47 PM

Look for top % gainers..then go through each of them to look for familiar patterns and news. Thats why its very important to watch some/all of Tim's DVDs, they will open your eyes for what to look for. Tim also has a awesome Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/timothysykesdotcom with so much great FREE information.

1ImBatman Feb 10, 8:41 PM

I'm going through a rough patch myself. Keep studying and taking good notes about what does and doesn't work. Remember it took Tim Gritanni 6 months to start being profitable.

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MickeyAnn Feb 10, 5:37 PM

Please let me know when you get the answer to that question because I took a pretty nasty loss on BIOC today as well. Can't figure out the best time to enter/exit in this current market.

FrankieJr Feb 10, 10:18 PM

I also had a bad trade on BIOC this morning. The diference between a 50 dollar loss and a 10 dollar gain is irrelevant. If you feel uncomfortable or iffy about something, you should always get out. Like Tim always says "When in doubt, get out."

MsMoneyHoney Feb 11, 4:16 AM

Ok, so I shouldn't feel so bad that I was a bit impatient and mis-timed it. Ok, then! :) ...but it's not really "irrelevant" when one has a puny little account to begin with... lol.. I'm trying!

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@MickeyAnn Saw your post about DRYS - been tracking them since Friday. Good little spike yesterday morning but the allusions it makes in its shareholder meeting announcement sounds a little daunting. Kind of curious on your thoughts about that. - Jared

MickeyAnn Feb 07, 4:07 PM

Honestly I took a small position based solely on the chart. I stepped away from my computer to go get my son from school and the bottom fell out on me.

MickeyAnn Feb 07, 4:08 PM

I could've made out with a small profit midday had a I sold the second spike. Lesson learned.

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