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RajK Nov 06, 17 6:37 AM

Stay safe :)

JimJay Nov 06, 17 6:57 AM

I was pretty sure what the Teeka thing was going to be before I watched it, and that proved to be true. However, I was curious to learn more about the bitcoin universe, and I wasn't disappointed in the least. However, I've learned that content can lead to more content, etc. I learned a lot, and that's always a good thing.

JimJay Nov 06, 17 6:59 AM

As far as the possible bubble burst, we don't have to buy bitcoins to profit from them. Stick to the associated stocks, and follow the price to profit.

RajK Nov 06, 17 7:17 AM

Yeah exactly, same thoughts. I’m also more confident about the risks having gone through the penny stocking training. A pump is a pump, there will be a dump. But that doesn’t mean you can’t profit if you’re careful.

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0SethMcClain89 Nov 03, 17 9:11 PM

I bought it at 3.66. and flipping got impatient and left, before its run to 20

asfricksrs Nov 03, 17 9:20 PM

Great video recap, I like your honest style. How would you know a fake bid premarket? Yes, you were there and will trade the next accordingly!! Thank you for the post.

Serap1a Nov 03, 17 9:36 PM

what was the reason you bought pre market and predicted the upside

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weytrader Aug 01, 18 9:19 AM

thanks there a section with webinars/trades of yours in profitly?

rubenfavela May 24, 8:20 PM

Outstanding lesson, how to dip buy a pump and dump in the first red day even though Gritanni was shorting. I appreciate your great teaching way

Buckers Jun 04, 8:01 PM

I appreciate your insight into your trades, thank you

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Vaytzman Jul 27, 17 3:27 AM

thanks alot Tim! the videos are very very helpfull!

Hankar Jul 27, 17 4:56 AM

thanks a lot Tim

nicojamesg Jul 27, 17 6:46 PM

Great video thanks. I know you're the short king but if you ever decide to go long on a stock I would love to see your mindset and what you look at when you go long as well! :)

Willbee_Rich Jul 01, 18 11:24 AM

As you and sykes always say...Do NOT chase Alerts!!!! Thanks Tim

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kroyrunner May 12, 18 6:59 PM

@BullishBearishTrader in most cases i prefer to take most size early and keep avg comfortable. for the biggest opportunities where i feel sure that it's "done", i will size in along the way still though and move risk levels

Willbee_Rich Jul 01, 18 11:12 AM

Great Patience...Thanks for the insight

zaraza Jan 20, 19 2:41 PM

Thanks Tim..

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