wannabestocktrader Apr 25, 18 3:46 PM

Having watched it for weeks, this is not a short for me until after May 1st earnings, and only when it starts to drop under $8. Until then, it's been a 100% do not short -yet- stock because of the unreal price action. Too many shorts are trying to catch the dips and while that can be profitable if you're fast, it's also been resulting in a lot of squeezes.

wannabestocktrader Apr 25, 18 3:48 PM

Patterns don't mean anything anymore on this type of runner, as it has had 2 "would be red days" that ended up reversing so strong 4/18 & 4/19, so it was obvious to me to not short anymore. Even if it ends red today by chance, still not a first red day short since it's just up too much, and too many are still getting squeezed. I'm waiting myself even though it's hard to miss out on the volatile moves.

Lucacollinelli Apr 25, 18 6:03 PM

i would suggest simply short on the 2nd or 3rd day (go watch michael hudson interview he talks about this too)

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KTM4NICK Feb 25, 18 11:53 PM

i just answered my own question yeah it is lol

bitsean_ Feb 26, 18 6:02 PM

yes interesting way of setting up a pumper program. it looks like a legit business on the outside. good design.

bitsean_ Feb 26, 18 6:03 PM

im gonna set up a trial account and try to get some inside info. possible shorts

bitsean_ Feb 26, 18 6:06 PM

OLMM is up on being pumped by equity mark and also on a contact agreement. the farther i look into both companies the more dogshit the company looks. definitely looking to short this one

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fittrader101 Dec 05, 17 7:50 AM

I'm thinking of selling my 400 shares pre market and take 15-20 ct profits.. I'm scared for a morning panic. Your opinion????

fittrader101 Dec 05, 17 8:08 AM

@SFKrystal True, But always good to hear others opinion/statements and eventually learn from each other, right ? :D

ChampagneBoy101 Dec 05, 17 2:02 PM

did you end up selling these shares after hours yesterday when it was in the 4.40s?

auhanleng Dec 05, 17 2:08 PM

I had an overnight position but sold it AH when they announced public offering. Now it looks like it's posed for another run...From hindsight, wish I held

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Palmer Dec 04, 17 4:47 PM

They will more than likely do an offering but if you got in at 3.12 you need to scale out as it moves up to bank something along the way.

Noble1222 Dec 04, 17 5:42 PM

i think it's at $3 now after an S-3 filing hit in after hours. my recommendation is anytime you have almost a 33% profit then take 50% to 75% of your shares off and bank the profit.

Noble1222 Dec 04, 17 5:43 PM

let the other remaining percentage run - if it cracks down, it has to really crash hard to wipe out your profit. if it runs up another 100% you still have a killer gain. i see giys in investors undgd doing this, roland does it.

asfricksrs Dec 04, 17 6:26 PM

take profits along the way - bank meat of move - never know the news before announced - bank it!

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leonkubek Nov 15, 17 3:25 PM

Currently watching to see what it does tomorrow morning. $DCIX did the same thing. Spiked like this one and then faded off. Then spiked the next day in morning so waiting to see. Low float former runner. Then looking for shorts to short the breakdown

Torkers Nov 16, 17 4:49 AM

not sure eather - Ive been following CHFS for a long time but didn't see these news

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