windy76 Jan 05, 18 11:53 AM

Thanks. are also using changelly ? any feedback ?

Riptide Jan 05, 18 1:39 PM

@windy76 The only exchanged I have used so far are Coinbase, Binance, and Cryptopia. The latter I don't use much, just wanted to play ETN back after it's ICO and it's only on Cryptopia

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@RolandWolf what kind of indicators do you look for on your stock scanner? I use STT screener but not sure if I'm looking for the right filters on the screener. I pretty much only have filters for price range, volume and low float stocks. Is there anything else I should be looking for? Thanks for all the clearly explained video lessons on youtube.

mattbavar Oct 05, 17 8:03 PM

I know I'm no Roland however comma I got a good deal of help from Bohen's vids on STT. Just Google "Stocks To Trade Screeners" and he has a few vids posted

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