$SPEX went in on the dip at 2.04. Out at 2.27. 11% gain. Although very small gain on my very small position but I am just testing the waters right now. First green trade every for me after $350 loss in past month. The BAD: Only saw it when @timothysykes alerted it. Should've been able to spot it myself. Hadn't done any research about the stock and no info about this stock whatsoever. Good: Bought it at the morning dip. :) had a clear Risk/ Reward ratio in my mind. Thank you Tim for the motivation and all your lessons.

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lmonte70 Mar 13, 18 10:53 AM

Everything! So basically we're following the same stocks and manipulating the price based on news or a trend? I just find it odd that we're dumping money into securities with negative EPS and horrible fundamentals. But, it's okay since we're betting on price action right? On a side note, is this a bot?

neo_clicks_trade Mar 13, 18 11:05 AM

I am gonna Email about STT.

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$740 profit POTN Long Stock

Entry comments: This recent Supernova looks to be having its first green day after SEVERAL weeks of consolidation so I'll take a small position now...I wanted to wait until later in the day, but it keeps uptrending and hitting new highs so if it keeps going I might not even hold overnight and possibly sell into a late day spike...we'll see, goal is to make 7-15%, conservative target given overall market/lack of momentum in the weed sector lately

Exit comments: Perfect little gap up after first green day despite overall market getting crushed right now due to White House resignations so I play it safe and take this single...congrats to all overnight longs!

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neo_clicks_trade Mar 06, 18 1:06 PM

Hey Tim, did you enter POTN when it broke through resistance at 0.39?

Dmoney1913 Mar 06, 18 1:07 PM

I love this guy, 80% right. Tim Sykes=💰Maker

tradetheticker7 Mar 07, 18 8:38 AM

Lol I saw 20000 shares on the ask and knew it was you haha. Out .44

namile Mar 07, 18 10:00 AM

3/6/18: Bought ITUS 100 Shares for $962.5 and sold for $1,052.5. Bought VCEL 100 Shares for $1,115 ad sold for $1,175

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