Entry comments: Reshorted after the COO quit this morning, this tweet http://tim.ly/1kQCeiK meaning a new expose is coming likely next week & the stock took out 23.80 two-month support, goal is to make $1-3/share, same author who I shorted ICLD at 10.60 due to his expose before it dropped to the 6s

Exit comments: Got my $1/share goal, could drop more, but mid-day trades are scary, I only shorted because of that tweet that just came out about a new expose coming


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  • Position Size4,000
  • Percentage4.95%
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McBainApr 11, 14 1:34 PM

Great trade Tim! I would've been in this trade as well if Sure Trader could get my application through. Would you recommend Interactive Brokers over Sure Trader if you had a $12,000 account? Or would you use Sure Trader to avoid PTD rule?

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