Entry comments: Bought this earnings winner in the hopes it breaks above multi-month resistance at 3.60, already touched it once today but now I'm buying on the dip, 50-70%/year growth in their recycling subsidiary won't go unnoticed forever & this is just a $20 million company so I think it could be a multi-day runner, limited downside compared to potential upside, goal is to make 15-30% in 1-2 days short-term, also bought some in my http://tim.ly/timlong longterm portfolio

Exit comments: Got a solid spike as several chatrooms/newsletters piggybacked the technical breakout at 3.60, this is why it's SO crucial to see & know these key technical levels ahead of time, holding onto my longterm position, but this 10% spike is near best-case scenario short-term


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  • Position Size20,000
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PeeOnMay 06, 14 12:34 PM

Perfect example of why you do NOT blindly follow alerts. By the time I got the alert and entered it into the price check box, it was already @ 3.62. By the time I had done D/D, Master Tim had sold already. Perfect example of fast-price action and why you must do your homework before blindly jumping in. Short set to 3.75+.

PumpnDumpChimpMay 07, 14 5:51 AM

Wish I was ready to trade. any advise for online broker? Polarbear

PeeOnMay 07, 14 12:53 PM

@PumpnDumpChimp Watch ALL of Master Tim's vid's THREE times, minimum. That and all other questions will be answered.

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