$556 Profit
INVTShort Stock

Entry comments: Shorted the failed morning spike attempt, small position though since this stock is scary, goal is to cover in the high $1s later today as if and when it takes out its day lows, it can crash given yesterday's pumping, I shorted via Etrade

Exit comments: Got a crack of the day low, but not of 2 so I'm just playing it safe as this one is scary to short, it could still squeeze today given the solid wall of buyers in the low 2s, potential resort for me only if it starts fading, for now, safety first, rule #1 http://tim.ly/sykes117 TXMD is above 9 soI played that too safe too, but I'm up nearly $2k today so can't complain


  • Total Views1,320
  • Position Size6,000
  • Percentage4.37%
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