Entry comments: I bought this play off a dip of its highs in the 1.50s, looks to be a new earnings winner, but it's early...so far big volume spike and solid 20% gain, see news http://tim.ly/2qBYjdA my goal is to make 10-20%, could be quick, ugly longterm chart, small position

Exit comments: NICE morning spike here and nice $1,000+ profit for me to start the week off, so I won't get greedy, I'll continue focusing on this pattern http://tim.ly/sykeswell that is serving me SO WELL the past few days/weeks


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  • Position Size6,500
  • Percentage13.79%
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TabrizUshagiMay 30, 17 9:59 AM

Fantastic Tim. I am at work and getting app notification on my phone saying you bought the stock. Exciting moment that I could see that when you are going to sell and my heart beats faster hoping you sell them before price drops below ~1.6 from the top.

Hunter007May 30, 17 10:43 AM

Tabriz could you please show me how to set up apps and what apps i am a new to this world? many thnaks

sontop1980May 30, 17 1:14 PM

Hi Tim, just wanted to know how you spot this as i dont see it in your watch list if i am not wrong.

sontop1980May 30, 17 1:22 PM

And do we track know the earning stock and any particular date or list of stocks that we can know

cmf5269May 30, 17 10:13 PM

@sontop1980 tim just showing you his plays and want you to learn from it

ThebloomagencyusMay 31, 17 10:13 AM

Hi Tim you posted this yesterday at 9:42amEST, I don't see the stock price reaching 1.65 by that time, can you help me out on this? What time did it reach 1.65 for your exit? Thanks.

ThebloomagencyusMay 31, 17 1:30 PM

@TabrizUshagi are you able to answer my question? I'm trying to figure out the entry time and exit time on this. I'm confused.

SabZabJun 08, 17 7:51 PM

How are you suppose to see a reaction to reflect the earning report and be able to time the jump in price action? Do earnings reports come at the night before (hypothetically?)

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