-$312 Loss
KODKLong Stock

Entry comments: I bought this recent Supernova into the market close for a gap up/morning spike tomorrow as its heating up late day up to the 7.20s and now is coming down a bit ans this strength could signal further spiking since this one can really run more than you think, small position though due to the overall market risk, but I like this solid first green day after a big multi-day consolidation

Exit comments: Not gap up, no morning spike, overall bad market, rule #1 cut losses quickly, small loss, acceptable


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  • Position Size2,000
  • Percentage-2.17%
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novastoxFeb 15, 18 3:10 PM

Im starting to pick up your mentality! Thats really the most exciting part of this journey!!

FilmmakerFeb 15, 18 3:12 PM

I was watching looking for a point to buy. I didn't hit the entry point as good as 6.90 but I have 1000 shares at $7.08. I am planning on taking solid gains at $7.60 - $8.10. But I wouldn't even be trading blockchain related stocks without the knowledge I have gleamed from Tim's Videos.

gunner0331Feb 15, 18 3:54 PM

I almost entered this! But decided to make thesis for its move tmrw as i did not want to over trade today and already being down lol I have been watching 25 plus video lessons a day and watching a dvd every week. Its finally starting to click in month 3 for me as a challenge student! Thank you

Darlingnana1Feb 15, 18 3:56 PM

Bought in @.70 for market spike. Had on radar

Ania29slFeb 15, 18 6:26 PM

What's your target price Tim? I'm in at $7.00 200 shares buy that's pretty big position for my small account atm Thank you 😊

thePposseFeb 15, 18 9:06 PM

I’ve just started the DVD’s. Should I hold off playing market till I finish everything?

ap4nolezFeb 16, 18 8:33 AM

Thanks for the lesson Tim

BairoFeb 16, 18 8:50 AM

Any comments on MBRX. First green day and big drop today. Why?

ddq2645Feb 16, 18 9:12 AM

@Bairo I'm just a newbie however, news this morning of offering shares @2.10 May be the reason?

KG37Feb 16, 18 9:22 AM

@Bairo @ddq2645 MBRX issued 4.29 million shares of common stock at a purchase price of $2.10 per share. That was definitely the reason for the drop. Stock price usually drops to that issue price after this type of news is announced.

lanatraderFeb 16, 18 11:19 AM

Anyone here has an alliance trading account ? comments

BairoFeb 16, 18 11:41 AM

Thanks for replying guys. It was kind a hard to cut losses quick after gap down but hey its a part of the game.

AlannFeb 16, 18 2:08 PM


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