Entry comments: I bought this recent weed runner on a strong big first green day with huge volume, goal is to make 40-80 cents/share on an overnight gap up and/or morning spike, will review this setup/trade in video lesson soon too!

Exit comments: Just got back to sell my after-hours limit order got executed and apparently the stock went all the way to 9.65...I'm proud to take a good chunk and make nearly $1,000 here...potential re-buy on any big dip too, but don't chase and remember to take profits into strength like I just did


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JackieCFeb 28, 3:45 PM

I will watch and learn

rbucknerFeb 28, 4:11 PM

Purchased before close!

abeyah456Feb 28, 4:20 PM

Cant wait for tomorrows lesson!!!

Dmoney1913Feb 28, 6:38 PM

Good Jod Tim, be like you all I need right now.

TraderJomuFeb 28, 6:47 PM

I watched it into after hours and sold mine at 9.70; first time I've gotten an exact top! Sold into strength. Thanks Tim.

nrowlandFeb 28, 7:12 PM

Thanks Tim...... Ive been following you for awhile nw. I make trades on some of the beast stocks in the chat room. I Buy the big Dips like u teach us an i cut loses.... I gota 90% lose rate i just cant/never buy the right dip. Thats my trade then i gota wait for the next. But same thing..... Im still hanging in there not gona quit

flanesFeb 28, 7:26 PM

I missed today’s lesson. Do I have a chance to watch it later please. Thank you!

subwayngFeb 28, 8:04 PM

Hey Tim , I am obviously a little new to this .... how did you execute that after hours ?

saifaldin_husseinFeb 28, 8:51 PM

That’s great it is first marijuana stock listed on nasdaq I think will more people interested to buy it

jada31Mar 01, 1:04 AM

You da man

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