Entry comments: I dip bought this recent earnings winner into big panic, delayed http://tim.ly/sykesmorning pattern, goal is to make 25-50 cents/share on the bounce

Exit comments: Out on small bounce, nothing major, tough to trade midday, but I'll take it


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  • Position Size2,000
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AWOHMay 09, 18 11:16 AM

You caught the bottom. You have a talent for that.

JackieCMay 09, 18 2:29 PM

good lesdon..thanks

JackieCMay 09, 18 2:29 PM

vood lesson...thanks

kencruickMay 09, 18 5:38 PM

Tim, thank you so much for the alert on HEARE. I was in at $6.93 for 215 shares. I decided to ride it out for the day to see what it would do. I took my son to the dentist in and check my phone put the stock price 5:10 PM. I couldn’t believe a stock was at $10.60. I sold it on after hours per $10.60. It’s the most I’ve made on any trade in one day. Again thank you so much for your alert and your knowledge that you share a with us.

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